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Data Center Consulting & Build

A fresh datacenter build, or a revamp of your existing one, Dotcad partners with you, leveraging our DC technology partner offerings and services, to automate, optimize and transform your Data Centers.

Data Center Infrastructure Automation

Daily IT tasks, such as managing compliances, patch management and image management consume clock cycles of your IT teams and are expensive. Automating these daily tasks ensures compliance and an error free environment. This unique consulting and delivery service helps you to automate your daily IT tasks and frees your team for more innovative projects.

Packaged Consulting

There is a need for advice from technology experts on a variety of IT issues.. A quick turnaround is required with no time to waste on scoping documents, RFQs, negotiations etc. Our wide catalogue of packaged consulting services, are delivered as a product (with a part no.) with pre-defined scope backed by subject matter experts. Some examples of such packages include, cross platform data migration, DR consulting and implementation and SAP HANA migration and implementation.

Proactive Care

Move from reactive care (respond to an event after it has occurred) to proactive care. This specialised services offering on our infrastructure solutions, ensures uptime and efficiencies in managing your IT infrastructure. These services ensure that you are not disrupted by unplanned down times.

Founded in 1987, Dotcad has built a reputation for providing technology solutions to organisations desirous of leveraging technology for business growth with its high level of expertise, experience and technological alliances. Today Dotcad has a well established practice around virtualisation, mobility including networking, application delivery, information management (protection & life cycle management) and data centre technologies (Server, Storage and networking).