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Latest HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad | HP Store Ahmedabad

08th March, 2022

Latest HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad

Keeping up with the modern technological advancements, HP has released its latest HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad and in other major cities of India. The HP ProBook 400 series of laptops are professional-grade business laptops that are designed by keeping in mind the changing economic scenario in which remote and offsite work is becoming more and more prevalent. The work styles of today’s modern professionals may range from working in the office or working from a remote site or from home. In such scenarios, one needs a laptop that not only has the performance to keep you productive where ever you are but also has the mobility and battery life to empower your work, through the entire day. The HP ProBook 440 series of laptops combine both power and mobility to meet your growing business and professional needs. Let’s look into the advantages and features of the HP ProBook 440 series laptops.

Advantages of buying HP ProBook 440 series laptops

There are several advantages of buying an HP ProBook 440 series laptop. It is suitable for many different workstyles and for different kinds of users. Since India is fast becoming a global IT services provider, HP has released its latest HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad and other IT hubs of India. First, let's discuss its hardware. The ProBook 440 G8 is equipped with an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and a discrete Nvidia graphics card that can handle any and every kind of workload, big or small. It has 8 GB DDR4 RAM which is expandable up to 64 GB. Hence opening large files and running apps simultaneously is smooth and effortless. Another hardware advantage of this laptop is that it provides options for both solid-state drives and hard drives. It comes pre-equipped with 512 GB of SSD. SSDs can further enhance the performance of your laptop. The load times of applications and the operating system get drastically reduced due to SSDs.

HP realized that this laptop will be used by designers and content creators. So the ProBook laptops are certified to work with all the major designing software and apps. It comes with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed which provides enterprise-grade functionalities to business users. With respect to the display, the screen is crisp and vibrant. Its anti-glare screen has the highest color accuracy and supports full high-definition resolution.

Suitability of HP ProBook 440 series laptops for modern workstyle

When it comes to mobility, ProBook 440 G8 is an excellent ultra-mobile notebook that has small dimensions and is quite lightweight. Its 14-inch screen is packed within a 0.71-inch thin body and its average weight is around 3.53 lbs. The exterior is tough and robust. It is built to withstand all kinds of drop impacts. Its exterior is exposed to a number of military-grade strength tests to ensure its toughness. The long-lasting battery is enough to keep the laptop functioning throughout the day, without ever worrying about going out of power. In addition to that, HP Fast Charge technology lets the users recharge their laptops quickly. All the modern connectivity features like Bluetooth 5.0, USB 3.1 Type-C, HDMI 1.4b, WIFI 6, and ethernet are supported that ensure constant high-quality connectivity from anywhere.

Due to the recent pandemic, the nature of our work style has changed dramatically. Remote and offsite working has become a trend. But with the widespread increase in remote work has also increased the concern for security for today’s businesses. Hence, HP has equipped this laptop with commercial-grade security features. These laptops come with proprietary security features like a fingerprint reader, privacy webcam, data encryption, etc. They also include HP’s software security utilities like HP Sure Click, Sure Start, Sure Sense, etc. for handling security hazards like hacking, malware attacks, and data theft.

The HP ProBook 440 G8 laptop is an ideal choice for business power users, architects, designers, and content creators. It is adaptable and powerful enough to cater to all kinds of workloads. With advanced hardware, stunning display, and comprehensive security features it is made for people who are always on the move. Hence, its suitability for all kinds of modern workstyles is unquestionable.

Concluding remarks

The ProBook series of business notebooks from HP brings style to your workplace and delivers the performance, durability, security, and portability required for a wide range of users and budgets. These laptops are built to last and designed to be taken anywhere. With its new compact design, the HP ProBook 440 G8 laptop PC delivers commercial performance to professionals at growing companies who are constantly on move from their desk to the meeting room to their home. If you are looking latest HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad then feel free to contact us at DotCad. We are an HP-authorized IT solutions provider that excels in providing cutting-edge solutions to enterprises of all sizes and types.


1. What is the latest model of HP ProBook?

The latest HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad are the Generation 8 laptops as known as the G8 series of laptops. These laptops are based on the latest 11th Gen Intel Core Processors and integrated graphics. These laptops support all the modern connectivity standards like Bluetooth 5.0, USB 3.1 Type-C, HDMI 1.4b, WIFI 6, etc. Besides that, it has a long-lasting battery with fast charging option. All these qualities make it a great choice for the modern professional who is constantly on the move. These laptops are geared towards power users like creators, designers, and multimedia professionals.

2. Which generation is best in HP ProBook 440 series laptops?

The latest 8th generation i.e. G8 is the best generation in the HP ProBook series of laptops. The G8 series sports the latest 11th Gen Intel Core Processors. They come with the fastest DDR4 RAM with a speed of 3200 MHz. They also have the latest NVMe-based SSDs storage. Besides the configuration, the G8 series is made of a premium aluminium body that undergoes military-grade strength tests to check its durability. The G8 series also supports the latest connectivity standards like WiFi 6 and 4G LTE, together with Bluetooth 5 and USB Type-C. If you want to buy the latest HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad then buying it from an HP-authorized store will give you the best value for your money.

3. What is the size of HP ProBook 440 series laptops?

The product dimensions of the HP ProBook 440 G8 are ‎32.98 x 21.38 x 1.98 cm. It is one of the smallest and lightest 14-inch laptops by HP. Such a compact size is achieved by keeping the bezels at the minimum width i.e. of 6 mm. Due to its compact and sleek design, the HP ProBook 440 is an ideal laptop for those professionals that are always working outdoors or from remote locations. It has a slim, aluminum-based chassis which is lightweight yet strong. The starting weight of this laptop is 1.38 kg. Hence, considering the size and weight the ProBook 440 G8 is a great fit for modern professionals.

4. What is special about HP ProBook 440 series laptops?

Each of the business series of laptops by HP has its own specialties. For example, the ZBook series are mobile workstations that are made for achieving desktop-level performance in a compact form. The EliteBook laptops are made for collaboration. Their fully convertible touch-screen and AI-enhanced audio-video features give them the edge over other collaborative-based ultrabooks. The ProBook series has its own uniqueness. It combines performance, mobility, and security in a sleek machine that is cost-effective and provides the best value for money. These laptops are general-purpose notebooks that are geared towards modern business professionals. These laptops are a perfect fit for people who want enterprise-grade performance at an affordable price.

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