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HP Z2 Workstation review

Bring home More Power with HP Z2 Mini Workstations

HP, of late, has been making real efforts to draw creative users and designers. One such effort in this regard is “Z2 Mini G4 Workstation”. Dotcad provides you with the best HP Z workstation price in Ahmedabad.

HP Z2 Mini G4 comes across as a more ambitious workstation; with the latest processors along with professional-level GPU options that make way for video applications, graphics, and CAD. It is compact; which stands at 216 mm and 58 mm high. The high-end performance model weighs 2.2 Kg.

The basic advantage of HP Z2 Mini G4 is that it could be laid on your desk; or you could stand it upright. This would help in consumption of less space besides the monitor. There is also a VESA bracket built at the base. This lets you mount the whole unit at the back of monitor if it needs to be kept out of sight altogether.

Heat dissipation is not the problem; as Z2 mini G4 does have a cooling fan in it. There is a broad range of customization options available on the platter.

The compact Z2 Mini G4 does provide proper workstation performance that would fit in a briefcase. These high-end models have been competitively priced; especially in comparison with the all-in-one PCs. The noiseless operation makes all the difference. In spite of being working on turnkey projects, the comfort that you enjoy with quietness all around is unparalleled.

There is a lock slot for preventing 2.2 Kg unit go haywire. Everything; right from resolution to the speed of operation, is being taken care of by HP Z2 Mini G4. That’s why it is termed as “Tower Workstation”. Get the best HP Z workstation price in Ahmedabad from Dotcad and explore your creative pursuits to the best !

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