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HP Z Workstations the “apt” machines for Construction

HP has brought its Z Workstations with Thunderbolt TM 3, a dual-protocol I/O technology developed by Intel. It has the capability of supporting simultaneous digital video and data transfer.

As per HP, it has heard the requirements of construction companies and these Z workstations are the apt devices for apt jobs in the high-activity construction sector in Middle East.

HP Z2 G4 workstation specification states that technology trends like VR, 3D printing, AI, and 3D capturing devices; apart from building information modeling tools are all helping in changing the old school methods in construction industry.

HP Z2 G4 workstation specification also states that technology does produce renderings with all the realistic finishes, lighting, and details; thereby helping in proper management of engineering and design.

Middle-East based construction companies are emphasizing technology adoption; so as to come up with more energy-efficient and stronger structures; and also make the construction sites safer. These Z-branded workstations also imply reduction in downtime and enhanced returns for the construction companies.

The peculiarity of HP Z Workstations is the dust filter provided by HP. It has been specially designed for capturing fibrous dust and large particulates; for the simple reason that when heatsink starts getting clogged or fan starts acting up; they are the principal culprits. The filter’s opening is 340 microns. This does give it long-term advantage of lessening overall impact on the sound post cleansing. It also averts ramping up of fan’s speeds over the period of time as filter turns out to be more clogged with the particulates. In Middle-east, this feature is of significance due to climatic conditions therein.

3D workflows could be enhanced by having a broader variety of graphics cards. You could also install 2 GPUs if your engineering workflows and design ask for it. This has also been stated by HP Z2 G4 workstation specification.

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