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HP Z2 Mini G4 - Small Workstation with Towering Performance

HP Z2 Mini G4 comes across as a small wonder; which does pack workstation-class parts as well as performance into compact chassis that is capable of stowing anywhere. HP Z2 workstation review states that it figures amongst the most powerful workstations provided by HP.

HP Z2 Mini G4 does come with loads of pleasant surprises. With novel ISV-certified graphics options, more configurable port selection, and expanded processors; Z2 Mini G4’s inside is reserved for bigger desktop towers. Moreover, it’s the only one that claims to have workstation-grade hardware.

The small chassis’ lid could be removed without using tools. As such, the system’s internals are much more accessible as compared to most other mini PCs. The easy-to-access screws allow you to remove fan as well as hard drive for accessing the remaining internals. HP Z2 workstation review throws light on “Flex I/O”; which is an expanded port selection capable of being configured with broad array of connectors.

However, Z2 Mini G4’s power adapter makes use of an external brick in place of internal adapter. This brick is large enough (measuring 7.8 X 3.9 X 1.0 inches). You need to think as to where would you stash it.

This compact system does have the option of rack mounting for enterprise usage. The power brick (mentioned above) could be stored in a tray; with around 8 trays in standard 42u rack; thereby enabling businesses set up around 56 systems per rack to cater to centralized hardware.

As per HP Z2 workstation review, Z2 Mini G4 is all set for programs such as Solidworks and AutoCAD. The efficiency is evident from the fact that Z2 Mini G4 doesn’t break even on switching between 4K video and 20 open tabs. Thus, these category-leading performances take Z2 Mini G4 to a new high.

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