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HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad | Authorized HP Laptop Store

04th March, 2022

Tips to buy HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad

In this blog, we will take a look at HP ProBook 440 laptops and provide you with the tips and tricks to buy HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad at the best prices possible. Since the world of technology is always evolving and the trend of remote work is also increasing, HP has made sure that their laptops also remain up to the mark. HP has launched the latest model of its ProBook series of laptops – the ProBook 440 G8. These laptops and their variants are targeted towards people who want powerful performance in a compact size. These laptops are ideal for people who find themselves constantly on the move. Also, when compared to other business laptops series from HP the ProBook laptops are more cost-effective. We believe that when it comes to buying a business notebook, apart from its performance, its price also plays a decisive role in making the decision. Hence these laptops are perfect for those tech-savvy executives who want the best value for their money. We, at DotCad, provide the best buying experience to enterprises that are looking for cutting-edge computing solutions.

HP ProBook 440: An ideal business laptop.

Today’s business world is run by technology. Hence having the best machine at your disposal improves your chances of success drastically. HP ProBook laptops are designed for that purpose – to keep the user productive and to be always ready to adapt to the dynamic changes in the workplace. And it accomplishes both these tasks with its extreme performance and stellar mobility respectively. If you are a modern professional who is looking to buy HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad or in any such tech city of India then the following information will be extremely helpful to you and will assist you in your buying decision. Considering the performance, the ProBook 440 is equipped with an Intel 11th Gen i5 Processor and Intel Iris Xᵉ Graphics. The processor is good for handling all types of workflows and performance-intensive applications. The onboard graphics are great for creative designing and media processing and generation. The laptop has 8 GB of DDR4 RAM which is extendible up to 32 GB. This is enough to handle all the modern software and to enable multitasking. On the storage side, the ProBook has 512 GB of SSD storage which is also extendible up to 2 TB. SSD storage is crucial for the fast loading of applications and the operating system. All in all, the ProBook 440 is a powerful workhorse and is suitable for working in any office or workplace setting.

Made for collaboration and remote work.

Due to the advent of remote work, mobility and connectivity are every business professional’s top priority. On the mobility side, this laptop is a class apart. It has a 14-inch fully high definition, anti-glare display which is encased within a slim chassis with minimalistic bezels. It provides exceptional visibility even in direct sunlight. The ProBook 440 is lightweight and compact enough to carry around comfortably. For working out of the office and for longer hours, HP has equipped this laptop with a long-life 3-cell, 45 Wh Li-ion battery with fast charging enabled. HP has not cut any corners with respect to connectivity. It supports all the latest connectivity standards. It supports WiFi 6 which is the latest and fastest WiFi version and also imparts great data transfer even at weaker signals. The ProBook also provides 4G LTE connectivity with an external sim card. This is great for people who often work outdoors at different client locations. 4G connectivity ensures that you are always connected to high-speed internet.

Great security in an ergonomic design.

The incidents of malware attacks and data theft is at an all-time high. Modern cyber threats like ransomware are costing enterprises millions of dollars. Hence cyber security has become the top priority of enterprises. Keeping in view of the needs of security, HP has equipped the ProBook with state-of-the-art HP Wolf Security. HP Wolf Security is a software and hardware combined security framework that provides end-to-end security from the browser to the BIOS. HP Wolf Pro Security combines HP Sure Click Pro with HP Sure Sense Pro providing more in-depth coverage than the standard security protocols. This creates a powerful, single solution that doesn’t require any external security environment. It is very effective in stopping unauthorized access and hacking attacks. Other hardware security features like HP Sure View protects sensitive data visible on your computer screen by making it difficult for onlookers to view it from the sides. On the ergonomics side, the ProBook is studded with a quiet, responsive keyboard with rubber-domed keys. The mousepad is smooth and responsive. The screen has an 87-percent screen-to-body ratio which is great for media creation and surfing the internet.


The HP ProBook 440 notebook, with its top-notch hardware, crisp and clear display, and top-rated security features is the perfect business laptop for all types of users and for any kind of workstyle. When buying HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad or other IT hubs in India make sure to approach an official HP partner like DotCad. An official HP partner can provide the latest models of the laptops, as per your need, with other benefits like extended warranty and premium support.


1. Is HP ProBook 440 a good laptop?

The HP ProBook 440 is indeed a good laptop. It is equipped with modern hardware along with all the latest connectivity features for fast data transfer. It is lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go. Also, it has commercial-grade security features that prevent all types of malware and cyber-attacks. The display is a 14-inch full HD, anti-glare screen which provides exceptional picture quality. Considering all these features the HP ProBook 440 can be regarded as one of the best business notebooks that are available today.

2. What is the price of HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad?

When considering the base G8 model with an 11th Gen Intel i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB of SSD, the price of HP ProBook 440 series laptops in Ahmedabad is somewhere around 86000 INR. The price may increase if you buy the variant with more RAM and SSD storage or the one equipped with an i7 processor. Other premium features like extended warranty and HP Wolf Security can further increase the price.

3. What is the difference between HP ProBook 440 series laptops and 450?

Both the ProBook 440 and ProBook 450 series of laptops are similar in their hardware specs. But the only difference is that ProBook 440 has a 14-inch screen but the ProBook 450 has a 15.6-inch screen. Though both the ProBook 440 and 450 are customizable, the base model of ProBook 450 has higher amount of RAM and SSD than the base model of 440 series. Both the laptops are targeted towards business executives and creative professionals.

4. Does HP ProBook 440 series laptops have graphics card?

The ProBook 440 series of laptops do not have a discrete graphics card. But they have the latest Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics which is integrated with the Intel CPU. It provides the same level of performance as any mid-range graphics card. It can run designing software pretty well. Users can also do photo and video editing easily on the ProBook 440 series of laptops.

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