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This is a unique offering for organisations, wishing to move away from capex and capacity management. This solution offers a pay-as-you use option in an opex mode with easy capacity augmentation through change management. No need to seek budgets every time you need to upgrade or add workloads. A change management request will quickly meet your change requirements. Save time, effort and eliminate long lead times to deliver faster to business. Interact with us for a detailed understanding of how this works.

“Everything”-as a service

Whether managed print and supplies, backup, disaster recovery or flexible capacity, Dotcad offers an extended catalogue of “everything as a service”. Out of the box or customised, convert your IT spends into predictable and cost effective opex solutions.


Working capital is best deployed in your core business. Your management is pushing to conserve cash and operating budgets are easier to get approved, for. Dotcad offers a range of creative financing solutions along with our partners to facilitate this. These offerings extend to refresh and renew options including compliant disposal of your e-waste.

Founded in 1987, Dotcad has built a reputation for providing technology solutions to organisations desirous of leveraging technology for business growth with its high level of expertise, experience and technological alliances. Today Dotcad has a well established practice around virtualisation, mobility including networking, application delivery, information management (protection & life cycle management) and data centre technologies (Server, Storage and networking).