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Why Should You Choose an AiO over a Traditional Desktop

21st April, 2020

As the name suggests, an All-in-One PC (AiO) integrates every component of a computer in a single case, except the mouse and keyboard.

As the time went by, desktops began losing their popularity due to portability issues. However, their usefulness could not be ignored. Thus, AiOs are rapidly gaining popularity for combining the features of a desktop with portability.

Let us have a look at all the advantages an AIO has to offer -

More Compact Storage

As the entire PC is essentially combined into a single unit, you do not need to allot separate space for the PC tower and monitor. So, if you are constrained for space to put the computers in your office, AiOs can help you save a significant amount of it.

More Portable

While AiOs are not as portable as laptops, they are still much easier to carry around than the traditional desktops. Being smaller and lighter, you can take them from one room to another, without needing the assistance of the IT department.

Superior Displays

All-in-one computers generally have bigger displays, along with a Full High Definition (FHD) or a greater resolution capability. Not only this, but many of these PCs offer the feature of touch screens. Thus, using a compatible digital pen, you can handle your system applications with an even greater ease.

Cost Savings

As mentioned before, AiOs come in a sleeker and more streamlined design than the bulky desktops. As a result, the reduced number of components use up less power and consequently, generate less heat. Ultimately, an AiO will save you energy costs in terms of its power usage.

Collaboration Features

Webcams are a common feature in laptops, but they are almost always absent in a desktop. Many AiOs come with integrated web cameras, so that you can easily set up video conferences with your clients and partners.

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