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What is the Difference Between a Desktop and a Workstation?

What is the Difference Between a Desktop and a Workstation?

As technology evolved over the years, the simple term computer has been divided into many – laptops, desktops, workstations, notebooks, chromebooks, ultrabooks, netbooks and many more. It can get confusing to keep a track of all these terms and the exact differences between them, especially since many of them look so similar on the outside.

Perhaps the two most confusing devices to distinguish are the desktop PC and the workstation. However, it is essential that you know the exact differences between the two, or else you might end up making the wrong choice for your business needs.

So, let us see what sets these similar looking devices apart -

The intended usage

The use of desktop PCs is typically reserved for the regular office tasks like working on presentations, spreadsheets, researching on the web, etc. A high-end desktop PC might even ably handle minor video editing and animation tasks.

Workstations, on the other hand, are powerhouses that are built for intensive, power-consuming tasks like BIM modelling, CAD operations, virtual reality creation, 3D modelling, and so on.

The internal equipment

Appropriate with the intended usage, the processor range goes from the basic core i3 to the high-end core i7 for the more sophisticated models. Workstations, however, usually start from core i7 and include at least one or two Intel Xeon or similar processors.

The RAM and memory provisions are much greater in the workstations than a consumer grade desktop PC. The latter might include a graphics card to allow for gaming activities, but workstations will include one or more powerful graphics cards for tasks like 4K or 8K video editing and VR creation.

The design

Dekstop PCs do not typcially allow easy access to their interiors, either for maintenance or upgradation. On the other hand, many business-grade workstation allow tool-less access to the interior for the same purpose. They are also equipped with cooling systems that prevent the workstation from overheating and slowing down.

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