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The 5 Best All-in-One PCs from HP

20th April, 2020

An All-in-One PC (AiO PC) is nothing but an entire PC encased into a single unit. Thus, there is no need of a separate PC and monitor. These devices are much in demand for combining the advantages of both a laptop and desktop.

The following features of an AiO prove advantageous, especially to small and medium businesses -

  • Easier to set up and move due to sleeker design and reduced number of components.
  • Saves space in constrained office areas
  • Less energy consumption
  • Extra features like touch screen and web cameras

HP offers a wide range of top of the range All-in-One computers. Let us have a look at some of the best of these computing devices -

HP ProOne 400 Non-Touch All-in-One PC

Featuring a stylish design, this AiO is suitable for any front desk or open office environments where space is a concern. An optional capacity for touch screen gives you the ability to interact with your PC.

The HP ProOne 400 AiO comes with powerful security, collaboration, and connectivity features. The HP BIOSphere Gen 3 feature works actively to prevent any damage due to data breaches and downtime.

HP EliteOne 800 G5 All-in-One PC

This modern work machine comes with a widescreen WLED-backlit and anti-glare display.

The device also comes with a large number of upgrade options including Intel Optane memory acceleration and discrete graphics.

It is secured by HP’s advanced security features like HP Sure Start Gen5, HP Sure Recover and HP Password Manager.

HP t310 G2 All-in-One zero client

This high-end device is the first narrow bezel AiO computer from HP. As opposed to most of the other AiO devices that use Windows 10, this device uses Teradici. Thanks to this, you can access this computer from any PC-over-IP (PCoIP).

This AiO from HP is a device built for performance and security.

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