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HP 340s G7 Notebook PC

How to be ready and maintain your HP 340S G7

24th September, 2020

“The most shocking statistic from ERS IT Solutions’ report is that, on average, a company loses 545 hours of employee productivity because of IT downtime.”

This includes the downtime of laptop too. To avoid this, won’t it be good to know how to maintain and fix your machine? Here we will tell you all the information you need to troubleshoot your HP 340s G7.

340s G7 Notebook is one of the pocket-friendly business laptops by HP. Though, it is a sturdy and reliable laptop, maintenance and servicing of the laptop should be carried out at regular intervals. Let us know how you can do it!

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The labels that you find attached to your HP 340s G7 give out the information needed when troubleshooting system problems is required anywhere. You can get HP services for laptop at the dealer’s place or your location. The Labels could be in any form – imprinted on product or paper form.

1. Service label
It enables you to identify the computer. On contacting “support”, you could be asked for product number, serial number, or model number, hence, have this product number handy when you call support.

2. Regulatory Label
It gives away the regulatory information regarding your HP 340s G7

3. Wireless Certification Label
This has the information about optional wireless devices along with approval marks for specific regions/countries where devices are approved to be used.

The wires or cables used in HP 340s G7 include

  • Fingerprint reader board cable
  • Touchpad cable
  • Power button/card reader board cable

Basic guidelines

  • Use only conductive field service tools; like vacuums, screw drivers, and cutters.
  • Keep your work area completely free from non-conductive materials like polystyrene foam and ordinary plastic assembly aids.
  • Shield your HP 340s G7 with a good quality static-shielding material.
  • Prevent contacts with circuitry, leads, or pins.
  • Turn off input signals and power prior to inserting/removing test equipment or connectors.

Regarding heat sink
You should thoroughly clean thermal material from system board component’s surfaces and heat sink every time you remove it. It’s mandatory to put on thermal grease to these components.

Thus, these are the basic things one could be ready in case of downtime of HP 340s G7. If you want to repair your HP 340s G7 Notebook PC in Ahmedabad, contact us!

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