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HP 340 Notebook in Ahmedabad

Enabling Students and Teachers for a Virtual Learning with HP 340S G7

25th September, 2020

E-learning, online classrooms and distance learning all have been making an impact on the education system from a long time. But, due to COVID-19, schools and colleges across the world were shut down. Globally, over 1.2 billion students are out of the classroom. Yet, that has not stopped the education world due to the contemporary methods of teaching and of course, the technology! And, with technology, the base for effective e-learning is formed with a good device.

In this blog we shall discuss how HP 340S G7 proves to be one of the best budget-friendly yet a performing laptop when it comes to virtual learning.

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Collaboration that will make a real impact

  • Dual Stereo speakers
    The dual stereo speakers enable to get every detail in the sound, right from a softest voice. Get the clear-crisp sound for the listening experience that matters the most while you are listening and taking the notes at the same time without stressing on guessing the words from the speaker.
  • HD Webcam
    In virtual classes, the quality of a video interaction also is of significant importance, especially while delivering a lecture or demonstrating experiments. An HD Webcam will help you to reach effectively to the students and students be interactive during the sessions. This will make the virtual experience more engaging and effective.
  • Dual-microphone array
    A dual microphone array helps in the noise cancellation. When delivering and receiving classes from remote locations, getting that ‘pin-drop’ silence of class is not easy to achieve. With these microphone array you will be enabled to cut through the noise of the background and reach the audience clearly.

Apart from aforementioned points, HP 340S G7 is also enabled for a gigabit Wi-Fi connection, so you can conveniently stream and participate in a virtual classroom. The laptop is also enabled with various security features that surely help you browse, stream and share the data securely and confidently.

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