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Do you surf your AiO without Protection?

22nd April, 2020

Dare-Devilry is good in the physical parlance; but a strict “no-no” in the world of IT !

One of the most important things that you should be getting installed on your HP ProOne G3 AiO is firewall and antivirus software. The well-known names in this regard are AVG, Avast, Microsoft, Norton, McAfee, etc. These names need to be etched in the mind because these days we encounter numerous scams wherein people do offer dodgy software. They sell it stating that it would protect the system; but in actual sense it does steal the data; or uses your email id to spam the others in your address book.

Surfing the net does expose you to real probability of malicious attacks through websites. Some of them do try collecting data on you; whereas some go on tricking you into making a payment to them.

Certain kinds of malware cause damage to personal reputation and monetary health. The others are likely to destroy OS and software on your HP ProOne 400 AiO. The possibility of they overrunning your hard drive with applications and processes till they become completely dysfunctional can’t be ruled out. As a result, your HP ProOne 400 G3 AiO may run into several issues; and in extreme cases; even lead to failure on the part of hard drive.

Now, you can’t deny that 90% of all of us operate our HP ProOne 400 G3 AiO with a cup of coffee in our hand. Well, it’s not at all a good habit. It’s advisable to keep your coffee cup away from keyboard or machine.

If you happen to spill coffee on your HP ProOne 400 G3 AiO; just turn it “off” with immediate effect. Unplug the system. If possible, have the battery removed. Hold your HP ProOne 400 G3 AiO upside down and wipe dry any wetness with lint-free cloth, towel, or handkerchief. After that, just have it laid down on dry surface. A big bag of rice should be preferred as rice absorbs the liquid that has made inroads through your keyboard’s crevices. The process could be fastened by turning the fan “on” full speed.

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